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Para Gliding

Paragliding in Bir-Billing.

Activity: Tandem Paragliding flight from Billing to Bir.
Flight time: 20 minutes – 30 minutes.
Season: October – June.
Climate: 10 – 25 centigrade.
Takeoff site: 8000 ft. from sea level.
Landing site: 4300 ft. from sea level.
Location: Bir-Billing, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.
Price: INR. 3000/- Per Person.
Route: Billing – Bari – Landing site Chougan.
Transportation: Bir Paragliding Landing area to Billing Take off point at 16 km uphill

Paragliding is special recreational adventure activity of flying Paraglider in air. Paragliding is very adventurous activity which require special skill to experience safe. Paragliding can be done solo and Tandem. Bir Billing is best spot for paragliding aero-sport in India and 2nd best place for paragliding in world. Bir Billing successfully hosted paragliding world cup in 2015. Many pilots from around world from 140 countries participated. Mr. Arvind Paul was the 1st among Indian in Paragliding world cup. He is the one who handled all our paragliding flights. He make sure all the safety measures during paragliding flight. He is best pilot of India and also training to learn paragliding in our paragliding school. Paragliding is his passion and he knows all the wind trends happening in the Bir Billing Valley. Bir Billing considered best and safest destination for paragliding in worlds by many of the Participants in Paragliding world cup.